MA Design Management

The MA Design Management programme is an ideal course for those looking to develop and enhance their careers through an excellent understanding of the value of design and innovation in Business.

International Business

A study abroad experience is one of the core features of this degree.You will focus on international perspectives and strategies throughout this programme, and undertake a dissertation which will showcase your cross-cultural management, strategy, and communication skills.


Integral to any business environment, this degree examines all aspects of marketing in various organisations, from digital communications to logistics and operations. Gain strong practical and analytical skills and understand how to read marketing data and apply it to strategic decision-making.

Dance Studies

This internationally renowned programme focuses on dance art in 21st-century Britain, from diverse multicultural and artistic contexts.

Sport Coaching

This course focuses on the development of practical approaches to coaching.


Criminology is an exciting and often controversial discipline, which explores the causes, prevalence and consequences of crime, deviance and control.


This course will develop your skills to produce news and features for a variety of communication channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, the internet and social media.

Human Ressources Management

Understanding how to attract, manage, and organise people is a key requirement in any business. This degree provides essential skills, and works towards potential CIPD membership. A compulsory work placement scheme is embedded in the 2nd year to enhance your employment profile.


This course will develop your visual and intellectual engagement with photography, as well as your technical skills.

Business Management

An excellent basis for any business career, this degree focuses on achieving an understanding of different business environments, developing decision-making, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Finance, Enterprise, Marketing, International management, Retail, Economics and HRM.

Creative Writing

Taught by published, working writers (including acclaimed poets, novelists, journalists and screenwriters), this course introduces writing practice to you in four main forms.


The course is developed and designed by experienced lawyers, academics and practitioners. There is a focus on technical rigour as well as external connectivity with the legal profession.

Computer Networks and Cyber Security

We are living in a digital age where all of our lives are impacted by computer sciences and digital technologies, from cyber security and computational intelligence to games and visual effects. You will be immersed in a research-rich environment with new and exciting insights into the discipline by our rapidly expanding Computing Science Research Group.

English Language and Linguistics

If you are intrigued by how meaning is communicated through language or you want to gain a deeper understanding of linguistic structure, this course is perfect for you.

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Students learn how to apply the skills and strategies that biomechanics, physiologists and psychologists use to optimise sport and exercise performance and well-being.

Digital Media

Interested in pursuing a career in the digital sector of the creative industries? Our practice-based programme will prepare you for a career in digital media design covering everything from multimedia, interactive design, and animation to gaming, digital advertising, mobile app design and user experience creation.

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