Read below to find out why you should do a foundation year at Our Partner Universities, as well as the benefits of this type of course.

Why do a foundation year?

A foundation year is a great way to build your skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare you for a degree course.

If you have slightly different qualifications, or your school or college hasn’t offered the subjects that you’re really interested in studying; or if you’ve missed out on getting the grades for the course you want, a foundation year gives you the chance to go to university without doing a re-sit and then to move onto your desired degree course.

What are the benefits of doing a foundation year?

Doing a foundation course will help you develop the personal and academic skills to help you progress onto a full undergraduate degree.

It gives you the chance to experience university-style teaching and to get a feel for the campus, city and subjects that you’re interested in. You’ll get a rich understanding of your subject areas, alongside practical grounding-in skills that will make it easier for you to go on undergraduate study.

If you’re unsure exactly what particular area of a subject you’re most interested in, a foundation year can be a great way of helping you focus your future study and career decisions.



Would you like to develop the practical and intellectual skills required to be a creative, critical and reflective arts practitioner?


The LLB with Foundation year is a new type of integrated foundation course. It is designed for those whose level 3 grades may not be sufficient to step straight into the law courses offered at Northumbria, but aspire to follow a career in law. The foundation year of the programme prepares you for degree level study.

Built and Natural Environment

Interested in developing your knowledge of the environment we build within a wider geographic and environmental context? This course gives you the technical skills, subject knowledge and experience necessary for you to progress onto a choice of undergraduate degrees.


Are you interested in how the modern world works? Do you want to gain an understanding of the past in order to see how the world can be changed in the future? Are you looking to study for a degree in the humanities but need a helping hand to get there?


The Foundation Year prepares you for entry onto a degree programme in a Business School in the top 1% of institutions around the world, including highly externally accredited programmes such as the flagship BA (Hons) Accounting degree and BA (Hons) Business Management degree.


Would you like to develop the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of Psychology?


Do you want to study engineering or physics but don’t have the grades to meet the usual entry requirements? This year of study will ensure you’re confident with the statistics, algebra and trigonometry you’ll need for success at degree level. It’ll also introduce you to engineering design and problem solving.

Social Science

Are you keen to develop an understanding of society, social dynamics and modern life? Do you want to enhance your skills in research and analysis, and decision-making?

Computing and Information Technology

Are you interested in a career in Computing or Information Sciences but do not have the qualifications in order to progress onto your chosen degree?

Mathematics and Physics

The Maths and Physics Foundation Year course has been specifically designed to allow you to enhance your knowledge and understanding of core mathematics and physics principles, whilst enabling you to progress to your selected BSc degree course upon successful completion

Applied Sciences

Are you passionate about science, but lacking the appropriate qualifications to move straight onto a science degree? This course can help you decide upon and access your chosen degree pathway.

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