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Do you dream of study in UK? Here are the steps:

Study in UKCharming beauty, ancient heritage, outstanding education and the possibility to work while studying all make learning in UK a dream for millions of students around the world. In this report we highlight all the steps that will enable you to achieve your dream of study in UK.

Why the UK?

There are many countries in the world where students go to study every year. Among these countries, the UK is distinguished by several factors that have made it a superpower in education.


  1. Multiculturalism:

Every year UK receives about 240,000 students from all over the world who wish to study at its universities. As soon as you enter the airport, you will notice the unique cultural and ethnic diversity of the UK. In a city like London, the native student will never miss his native country, where he can find friends and memories at every corner or turn of the road.

  1. Perfect English proficiency:

Is there a better place than the UK for such a purpose? Once you live in England, your English will develop and you will continue to learn it in the style of its citizens, until you get to the point of impressing your managers when they interview you to get your first job after graduation, and of course you will impress your friends and family in your home country.

3 - Distinguished scientific degree:

As we have already pointed out, UK is one of the best countries in the world in education, and Oxford University has the first  place this year (2018) in the ranking of the top 100 universities in the world.

In 2018, 3 British universities entered the academic rankings of the top 10 universities worldwide (Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Imperial College).Times Higher Education 2018


Study costs and admission requirements:

Study in UK starts in September / October and ends in May / June each year, and the Bachelor course takes 3 years. Tuition fees range from one academic field to another, but the cost of tuition is usually 10,000 to 13,000 pounds per academic year. These expenses do not include accommodation and living, but are the tuition fees alone.

The right steps to enroll in a British University. International students must apply for admission to universities through the Online Application Service, the same service as local students. Within each British University site there is a way to apply for a course.

 In this link you will find a comprehensive list of various courses once you have made a choice, you can contact us so we can provide help with your UK University application as well as UK Visa process.

In this application you will need a:

1.Personal Statement:

In this statement you should identify yourself well and clarify your passion for studying in UK. Do not make it an ordinary statement that is too complicated and full of exaggerated flattery, but make it attractive to the admission officer who reads thousands of requests every year. Tell them why you want to study this particular field and why you chose this University in comparison to others.

2. Your degree:

You must provide a transcript of your grades in High School. Before sending it, you should translate it by an authorized translation center and seal it and document it from the official authorities in your country.

3.Acceptance test.

There are many Universities that require an admission test when you apply to study, so when you apply, you need to know when and how to pass the test. Do not worry, these tests are not as difficult as you think, most of them are basic questions about information you should know before you go to University.

 4.Language tests:

You must be have a certain level of English language, so you can study in UK. The most important of these tests is the IELTS UKVI test, you will need a minimum score of 5.6 for admission.


5.The required documents:

Make sure you have the original copies of these documents and papers:

1-Valid passport.

2-Proof of your sources of funding, whether it is a bank account statement from you or your parents or your guardian.

3 - You might need personal photos the same size as passport photos.

4- Your degree's certificate is translated and documented.

5 - A transcript of your grades in admission tests and language.

6 - CV (if applicable).

7 - 2 letters of recommendation, one of them from a person with an educational or academic position, a teacher in High School or a doctor studying at the university.

Congratulations! You are now accepted to study in UK, but you are left with the most important step of obtaining a visa. You will need to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa once you have a University admission. You can apply for a visa through the official website of the British Government. Here.(don’t worry we take care of that for you as well).

The visa costs is around £289. personal interview. Most visa applicants (Tier 4) are required to attend a personal interview in their country at the visa application center. The staff member will ask you a few questions about your study plans in the UK and do not be nervous. Be explicit when you go to the interview. It is best for you to bring the above documents with you.

After you get your visa you can now buy your ticket, get ready to leave, and bid farewell to friends and family. In general, we recommend that you prepare to travel and study in UK one year  in advance so that you can meet all conditions and papers and have plenty of time for all procedures. Having enough time with Education Path support and guidance the process should seem easy.

Finally, as mentioned above, more than 420,000 students are received by the UK every year to study at its Universities, including Arab citizens.


If you look at the procedures and find them impossible, and your chances are difficult before you offer anything. Seek our guidance so we can offer you the advice and help you need to make up your mind about your application.

Hundreds of thousands of students have nothing to do but believe in their opportunities, become self-confident and fulfill their dream of study in UK.


Tomorrow, when you go there, you will realize that it is an adventure that really deserves the effort and money you need when you see the added value you will receive in your cultures and knowledge in all journeys through life.

 Take a look at our comprehensive video containing detailed information about requirements for UK and Irish visa.

Kind Regards,

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