Guaranteed UK University Offer

Guaranteed UK University admission and UK visa. As a matter of fact this is where Education Path excels, we do all the work for you. We take care of your University and Visa application from A to Z.

At first, we arrange a free personal consultation where you have a chat with one of our counsellors. For the purpose of evaluating your study goals. In order to provide you with your options,  in addition to your Visa requirements.

Next, we start the application process, which begins with the successful completion of 3-5 UK University Application form.

Then, we collect your academic documents and provide professional guidance in the construction of your personal statement and CV.

finally, Submission and tracking of all your applications. In other words, assurance that your UK University Application is submitted, and managed by our professional admission team.

Consequently, reaching our goal which is the GUARANTEED UK UNIVERSITY OFFER, or a full refund for our services.

At the end, don't just listen to us, listen to our customers, who had the same experience. Check out our Reviews page, or our Youtube Channel.

Our Services:


In other words, we guide the students to find the right course for them.
Secondly we provide them with a detailed plan on the required documents and steps to follow.

Uk University application and visa assessment-education path


As we previously stated, it is a hassle free step for our students. As we apply on their behalf and communicate any relevant information. Until they get their Unconditional UK University Offer !

UK University admission-Education Path

Visa Process

The fact that, Education Path has an extensive experience in UK visa requirements.
With the help of our expertise, our students get the necessary guidance to obtain their visa easily.

UK University admission and UKvisa- education path

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