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The purpose of this page is to provide general information regarding procedures related to obtaining admission from a British university or securing a Uk visa after.

Obtaining admission from a British university sometimes seems very difficult if you do not have the tools and the means to provide a complete application, whether it is concerning your University admission or your Uk Visa application, the officer or supervisor in charge will try to look at the documents you provied and create a clear picture of your situation : family, financial abilities and educational background.

even if this could seem simple but providing less or more information could affect your application.

University Admission:

The Key to securing your University Admission is simply explaining your motives and reasons for choosing the University and the course itself.

As a matter of fact, you can use every document you apply with in your advantage, if you ask me how?

Simple you are asked to provide a Personal statement, that's your first chance to explain how you choose your course, how the course will benefit you in your future career, why did you choose that University, whether it's the University fees or Ranking or maybe the modules in the course itself, you have to combine them together and relate them to your passion and if possible to your family history, your father is a business owner that's why you aspire to become like him and run the family business, your mother is a doctor since you were little you wanted to help people and that's your passion.

there are many ways you can show your passion through work experience, volunteering, even references from previous employers or professors etc...

Uk visa : Student Visa or Visit Visa

The most common mistakes in visa applications are usually missing documents or simply faulty documents which could be considered fraudulent.

So the best advice we can provide with you if you are not one of our clients is always check and double check your documents make sure the information provided is correct and that you have all the necessary documents.

For this reason the best guide to refer to for situation like these is Uk Government's website.

For Student Visa:

For Visit Visa:

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