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Discover what it's like to study abroad in one of our top Universities in the world. Offering International Students competitive fees, life changing experiences and support in pursuing your future Career in Cities all over the world.

We offer a wide range of International Universities that provide a large number of courses available for you. Education Path will give you advice, support and guide you through the process in applying to your chosen Universities.

Furthermore securing your admission in a competitive Education system can be hard when you don't know what you are doing. Whether it is taking the English Language Test (IELTS, TOEFL...), or perfecting your personal statement. We, at Education Path  help you step by step in explaining the requirements needed within each course at different Universities.

The Visa process can be a tricky procedure if you do not have any experience in travelling abroad. We ensure that you have the correct documentations to meet the requirements set by the Host Country. Whether it being a Study Visa, Short Term Student Visa or a Visit Visa. Our job at Education Path is to give you the best chances in getting your Visa acceptance, taking the stress away from doing it yourself. (Please see our review page where our students have wrote their experiences with us, having a ranking of 99% Visa acceptance).


Education Path is an International Consultancy Company helping thousands of students around the world shape their future towards International Careers and truly exciting experiences by gaining worldwide recognized qualifications from top International Universities.

If you're looking to study abroad then you came to the right place.

We have partnerships with a number of highly regarded Universities dealing with students from over 200 countries.

For more information in regards to our partner Universities all over the world, please click on the link below to watch a tutorial about our partner Universities:

Our Destinations:

We offer a wide range of courses within different destinations of the globe. Where you can chose the one that best suits you.

United Kingdom:

The UK being our main attraction to study abroad is home to hundred-thousand students, from more than 200 countries. It’s a global centre for academic excellence, with 3 Universities in the world’s top 10. If you wish to study abroad, the UK will be a great choice to start your journey. In view of advancing towards your dream qualifications and career.

You will be studying abroad with the world’s leading students, where you will discover new cultures and places. With the ability to choose from a huge variety of courses. As well as accessible learning resources, either on-line or in libraries, what more could you want. London itself has over 4000 libraries, as well as over 2500 Museums all over the UK. The country is home to world’s largest Business employers, offering many part time jobs, intern-ships and graduate jobs. For these reasons the UK is considered to be the top study abroad destination in the world. As shown above "offering top ranking Universities, wide range of courses, and an exciting social life on offer".

For more information on ‘Living/Studying within the UK’, check the British Council website below:

Or check our Blog which explains in detail the Benefits and Process of applying for a Study Visa in the UK.


Offering access to 27 European Countries with its Schengen Visa, Malta is another main attraction offering a European lifestyle. The country itself is known as a safe, friendly multicultural environment with a vibrant Mediterranean feel/lifestyle. It is best known as a tourist destination. However if you want more than a month holiday. Then why not make Malta your main study abroad destination. This is a place that many International and British Universities accommodate their second campus’s. Without forgetting the benefits of affordable housing and living costs. So if you are looking for an English speaking country, with great Universities and course choices. Together with moderate living costs and access to 27 Schengen countries, then Malta can be your perfect study abroad destination.

For more information, please click on the link below to watch a student sharing their study journey within Malta.


Being another country that speaks English, Ireland is home to many Top International Universities. Such as the University College of Dublin, making it another great destination for study. Ireland offers a fun and active student experience, with the opportunities to discover the unique Irish Culture. Whether you are studying an English Course or a University Course, Ireland allows you the benefits of working part-time. Ireland also allows fellow graduates to have a ‘Stay Back’ option. Where students can find a job within 24 months, giving them great opportunities within their future careers. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and many more companies have their Head-Quarters based within Ireland. Which gives students a huge opportunity to intern and learn from industry leaders. This could be the best study destination for you.

For more information, check out this tutorial on our Youtube channel. With detailed information about the Fees and Visa requirements for both Ireland and the UK:




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